• Trauma and Crisis Interventions (Domestic & Sexual Violence, accidents, death of a loved one).
  • FUN™ Therapy
  • Stress Management
  • YogaFun™
  • Coping with Chronic Illness
  • Preparation for Surgery
  • Aging Challenges: Perimenopause and Menopause
  • Relationships
  • How to use Mental Imagery
  • Marital & Relationship Counseling
  • Family Counselling
  • Addictions (Dr. Kathy is an interventionist & certified addiction professional).
  • Children with special needs (Funsters)
  • Spirituality and religious conflicts
  • Teens
  • Depression Therapy & Grief Work
  • EMDR & Hypnosis
  • Anxiety
  • Career and Life Coaching
  • Group Therapy (Women, and persons in Recovery)
  • Weight loss and gain (eating disorders)
  • Anger Management


  • Learn about the Dis-Ease concept of mindbody distress
  • Obtain diverse options to address specific emotional and medical challenges
  • Meet “The Committee” and identify beliefs creating obstacles
  • Understand addictive behaviors that accelerate aging
  • Implement transformative language to cope and respond with life challenges

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News & Events

Flowyasa Yoga

Flowyasa Yoga

2017-4-1 9:00am

Instructed by Robin

ACA/Al-Anon with Andy

ACA/Al-Anon with Andy

2017-6-6 12:00pm

The Annual Womens’ Ceremony

The Annual Womens’ Ceremony

2018-1-18 6:00pm

This evening retreat is led by Dr. Kathy…a Li...

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How to be a better you without changing a thing!
Doesn’t that sound great?  I was reading in the July/August Daily Word this morning and this is an article by Sam Bennet.  He writes about “Deb”, a person who wants to be more peaceful, a life filled with laughter, etc yet every day she is exhuasted, stressed out, and...
Every Day is a Dynamic Event!!!
From Daily Om: Do you want to start getting what you REALLY WANT (instead of just settling for what you think you deserve)? Do you want to reinvent yourself, creating a positive, powerful, sparkling, radiant presence that announces to the world how much you LOVE yourself and your life? Imagine the...
Spring into Action
OK SunFest is almost over and it will be Summer soon!  Time to get back on track with your self care schedule now!  Check out the new Yoga schedule at Limitless and we are welcoming a new male teacher Dakota who is taking on Jillian’s classes.  Here is the contact information for...
When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection-Gabor Mate (2011)
In his comprehensive book Dr. Mate, explores how psychosocial stress contributes to ill health. Emotional competence, that is self regulation tools, are what we need to develop and practice if we are going to protect ourselves from the hidden and overt stressors that can risk our health. He...
Trick or Treat!…‘Tis the Season! Now until January 2017… FOOD, FUN™, FREEDOM, FELLOWSHIP, during the Holidays!
Trick or Treat!...‘Tis the Season! Now until January 2017… FOOD, FUN™, FREEDOM, FELLOWSHIP, during the Holidays! The parade of the Holidays, and all the excitement and anticipation for them begins in October starting with Halloween (actually we start feeling it Labor Day weekend). You are...
Yoga for coping and healing from Cancer, Trauma, Depression, Family Discord, Anger Management and extreme stress.
Life can be difficult at times and when it is there are tools that can help.  Research, neuroscience, and countless self help books validate that unresolved, repressed, even events that have been “dealt with” in psychotherapy often endure.  Symptoms can range from chronic fatigue,...

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Kathryn C. Shafer Ph. D.

For over 30 years Kathryn Shafer Ph.D., LCSW, CAP, 500RYT is known for her work as an author, yoga instructor, and psychotherapist in private practice at Limitless Potentials, Inc. in Jupiter, Florida. Creating the Fun™ Lifeskills program (after being hit by a drunk driver while running) she is a cognitive behavioral therapist, Yoga Therapist (500RYT,) Lifeforce™ Yoga Practitioner, and Graduate of the American Institute for Mental Imagery.  At over 40 conferences internationally, Dr. Shafer has given presentations as a key note, conducts lifestyle workshops, and has been a guest on numerous radio and television programs, and Board Chairman of a local non-profit program for substance abusing women, to impart and share her clinical expertise and authorship on topics pertaining to chronic health issues (asthma, Cancer), mood disorders (bipolar, anxiety, depression), trauma, PTSD, and the addictions.


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