Last chance before you begin a new you!  Ready or not here comes 2014!  Take the time to think about what you are going to do different next year starting tonight at Midnight!   Some things you may want to consider for the ageless, future you:

1)  Start paying attention-be aware of what is happening…use the internet to see what’s going on and GO OUTSIDE.

2)  Work the FUN(TM) program:  Express yourself from above and below the neck:   movement, painting, photography, imaging, writing, drawing, singing, sharing…so many choices so little time.

3)  As Ram Dass said…be here now:  Aversion and desire lead to suffering (so does anger, ignorance and greed).

4)  Do something different:  notice patterns/attachments to people, places, & things that are creating obstacles for you…respond in a new way.

5)  Who are you?  What do you want this year?  Create a vision board!

6)   Be aware of “The Committee”:  stay out of “the hood” (and I am not talking about the car or where you live).

7)  Breathe.

8)  Repeat, delete, refresh.

Remember…The Glimmer Twins said it well:  Time waits for no one…and it won’t wait for thee.

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