Speaking and Training

Training for Licensed Mental Health professionals, Certified Addiction Professionals and Yoga Teachers.

For over 30 years, Dr. Kathryn Shafer has been known for her work as a licensed psychotherapist, certified addiction professional, certified yoga therapist, certified EMDR Practitioner and consultant in training, author, professor, and corporate consultant.

Dr. Kathy has conducted 100+ presentations and workshops, and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs to discuss diverse topics pertaining to relationships, substance abuse, trauma, depression, stress and living with chronic health conditions (asthma, cancer, PTSD).

Her professional experiences and personal journey with trauma and cancer lay the foundation for her ability to relate to and address a myriad of concerns impacting all age groups in diverse settings. Dr. Kathy specializes in training healthcare providers to identify the right tools to best serve their clients, including EMDR, Yoga Nidra, Mental Imagery and other Cognitive Behavior therapies in relation to Addiction, Trauma and Family Dynamics.

“[Dr. Kathy's] training offered me the opportunity to become more familiar with innovative and holistic interventions in relation to breath work, yoga, and movement in general. Practice sessions offered during the training, helped me to hone skills that I have since been able to weave into group and individual sessions.” – Cathleen B.
"For beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike, the [Integrative and Complementary Approaches for Behavioral Health] workshop is great for everyone! Both Dr. Shafer and Dr. Tebb are extremely passionate presenters, and they clearly care a lot about bringing yoga practices into mental health. And they have an abundance of knowledge and experience! I learned a great deal from their hands-on approach, and I have already incorporated these yoga experiences into my personal and professional practice. I would highly recommend attending their workshops!" - Doug B.
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  • EMDR related techniques
  • Advanced Relaxation Skills (Yoga Nidra)
  • YogaFUN™: Integrating conventional psychotherapy with self-regulation practices of yoga, mental imagery, and breath work.

Specialized Training For:

  • Clinicians
  • Yoga teachers
  • Nurses
  • Addiction professionals
  • Physical therapists
  • And more...

Available Formats:

  • Workshops
  • Staff training
  • Conference keynote or session speaker
  • Group training
  • One-on-one consultation

Inquire About Training

If you’re interested in having Dr. Kathy conduct a workshop, training course or speak at your event, please send her a message below or call (561) 799-6789.